Thursday, July 2, 2009

WTF Rain!?!!1!

It's still raining, something like 40 days and 40 nights now....maybe we should be building an arc. Either way, the rain is testing our patience, big time. Mike added some support to the frame and was able to lay the center piece of flooring. Yep, we put down CDX not marine grade, sorry to disappoint. If you are reading this because you are researching your Aliner floor rebuild, lay marine grade, okay? I am sure we'll make it seeing we are not laying chip board though. We are leaving for camp tomorrow and honestly, I need a brake. Hubby has been the one doing the work the last upate or two, but honestly without getting into it.....I am all set right now. Be it the endless rain or just the fustration that comes with a project like this or now. Some day Aliner of mine you will be so comfy and cute, right now.....I want to burn you, just to make a dry spot in my driveway. We're going to see a movie tonight, tomorrow we go to camp. It will be nice to have a break.
PS. the lillies are so pretty! See the yellow one in update #8 album on the right hand bar.


  1. Hey fellow Massachusetts camper! I live out in soggy Western Mass, where are you?? I love your blog! Thanks for putting so much work into it - and having a great sense of humor!. I would have gotten a used Aliner if I could have found one- but all I saw in the spring for sale were in other states like 8 hours or more away. I applaud your courage to dive in and figure it all out. I would love to see your renovations sometime. I want to eventually put in A.C.- I got a model with no bells or whistles. I'm going to do a long run to Michigan at the end of the month-the first big trip. I hope you have a blue sky 4th of July- to celebrate all your work that is almost done.

  2. Hi Barbara.
    Thanks! We're in Worcester and thankfully we had lots of sun over the holiday weekend. We camp up in Winchendon a lot, Otter River State Park.
    Aliners are far and few between in the NE it seems. There is a Chalet dealer down in CT. I was thinking about taking a rainy day trip down just to look and get ideas. I've seen some nice floor plans for the Chalets online and would love to see them in person.
    The generousity of our friends passing the Aliner to us has made it possible to put the time and money into it, and thankfully we've come across some great deals. We're looking forward to the day it's done too!

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