Monday, July 20, 2009

Rain on the Way.

Lots of rain in the forecast for the next week. Kenzie's 10th birthday is on Friday and we are having a get together on Saturday.....hopefully the weather will hold out for that stuff at least. We closed up shop this afternoon, reinstalled the passenger side front storage door and put pretty much every thing away for now. Billy is here until the 30th and then we are off to camp on the 6th. We got a lot done this weekend, but I wonder how much more we'll get done in the next few weeks. I'll work on the curtains at night....not tonight though, so tired. I'm also trying to keep up with some detail work, like cleaning up the old faucet for reuse. Problem is though that I left it in the counter top out in the rain which swelled and now I can not get it out, grrrr. I'll get it out though, don't feel like spending much more on this project. Anything else really that I "want" to replace will be waiting till Summers future. I'm also going to clean up the old fridge and post it up on Criagslist. If anyone is looking for a Dometic LP/Electric....not sure of the model cuz I do not wanna get up right now....fridge, let me know.

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