Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update 9....The Floor is in!

The floor is in! And I love it. It just needs a edge of caulking (poly) around the walls. Then I was motivated to clean the walls and start working on replacing the exterior caulking and rusty screws. Billy removed the rock panel (maybe there is another name for it....?) and we got some paint made for plastic to freshen it up a bit. I'd love to put diamond plate stainless steel there, but we just don't have the money for it. Maybe down the road. Mike and Billy picked up some plastic rivets to put the rock plate back in. And we got some screws with anchors to replace the ones that really aren't catching anything. Partially why the drivers side tail light caulking cracked, because two of the upper right screws were just there. We'll also squirt some poly caulking into the screw holes too. We picked up some panels for the end walls, 10% off at Lowes because some of the edges are a bit tattered, which is not going to effect the project anyway. Tomorrow Mike and Billy will cut and install the end wall panels and probably start putting in the cabinets. I will work on replacing caulking and cleaning things up. It's really starting to come together now that the floor is laid. There are more pictures on the sidebar in the Album called Update 9.

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