Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quick Update

Just a quickie.....Mike and his brother Billy got home Sunday morning a bit after 9am :)
Yesterday Mike lay the last two pieces of flooring. It looks good. I'm hoping today to clean up any liquid nails sticking up and level off any high spots. We'll seal up the bolt heads with caulking too. I took down the curtains and measured them. I think I will need 7-8 yards of fabric. I looked a bit online, but it's one of those things that you have to shop for in person. The new curtains will probably be green too, but more updated and probably a touch of something quirky....can't help it ;) I need to find a deal on the fabric though, so time to start looking. I'm wondering if the 40% off one item at Joann's Fabrics means 1 yard or one piece of whatever yards? I also plan on working on the exterior caulking and cleaning the upper walls this week/weekend too. I wish I had been more motivated while he was away to start that already....but just wasn't the same project without being together. No photo album on the side bar for this update, just a couple shots of the floor and of the walls.

1 comment:

  1. hi there guys!
    great work you did and a great documentation!
    you just got me inspired and i bought the very same
    year Aliner with a pretty ugly floor that need a replacement.
    i got a quick question if you can help..
    since the walls connected to the old floor with nails and since i don't really want to lift the entire Aliner (but the rotten floor) and then replace the whole floor with a new sheet , so i need to break the old floor out and then to patch it like you did. so basically i need to glue every new patch to the old rotten floor edges right? the thing that concerned me is that in this way the only thing that will connect the entire Aliner to the new floor will be glue??
    did you use anything else?

    so i guess it wasn't such a short question...:)
    thanks a lot