Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heater Install

In order to have enough clearance for the sink and drain we lowered the heater. So it is in the same place, just lowered. Mike and Billy moved the exhaust/intake and sealed up the old outlet. Mike made a panel out of the black birch tree that came down in the microburst of '07. I'll stain it later. They also picked up a nice laminated panel for the partial wall to the left of the doorway that supports the folded down upper wall. I didn't take a pic of that tonight, but it will be in a future update. It's raining again so that's about it for now. I did sew the curtains up for the door and the big window opposite that. I am in the process of sewing on the track clips here and there.
I'll just post the heater install pictures here rather than the sidebar...

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