Sunday, July 19, 2009

Update 10

We got a lot done this weekend!
  • The two larger cabinets are installed with wiring and battery vent plumbed.
  • End panels installed (which included a lot of clean up and old staple removal!).
  • Rock guard and tow tongue stripped, primed and painted.
  • Old fridge vents closed.
  • Several outside openings cleaned up and re-caulked.
  • Curtains made for the three triangle windows and the big "passenger side" window.
I spent several hours Friday night engineering and working on curtains. I don't sew, but I had fixed my mother in laws old sewing machine with this project in mind. I've been looking at fabrics and pricing them out, most more than I wanted to spend. So I picked up a couple sets of sheets on sale at Target, one set a quirky nature theme, the other solid green and I'll use a brown set from the house (top sheet only.....we never use top sheets anyway).

Saturday Mike and I worked earlier in the day on the end panels. There were a ton of staples to remove, but overall it went pretty smooth. Later in the day after Billy came home we worked on the front tongue, the rock guard and planning the electrical system. We also closed up the fridge vents, removed the fan and resealed a lot of the outside openings.

Sunday, today, we installed the two larger cabinets. We had to remove the toe kicks. The smaller ones are uppers so did not have them and fit. Mike used a straight edge and the router to trim them down. They build cleats and made cut outs for the battery vent, electrical and just a bit into the wheel well to make sure the heater will be centered over it's vent/intake. I also cleaned up a lot of the old cabinets and debris. I'm burning all the old wood, the rotted flooring went into the woods and recycling the old plastic and metal we removed.

You can see more pics under "Update 10" on the right hand side bar.

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