Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On Hold for Now

Well it stopped raining long enough for us to go camping. We were suppose to go out Thursday, but it poured so we went out Friday morning. We stayed for an extra day until Tuesday and it was great. But we came home to some bad news and we are going to have to hold off on any work for at least a few more days for now.

While we were at camp I looked at sites that I have looked at most of my life in a different light. There are a few sites I now call "good Aliner sites" that I would have never concidered with all our tent gear. I am pretty sure Otter River will be our madian voyage as the history of the park and our love of the park makes it the perfect place. Plus she's been there in her former life ;-)

We should pick up were we left off next week.
(PS. The picture is of Beaman Pond at Otter River State Park.)

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