Friday, April 29, 2011

Logo Removal Day 3 and New Logos Applied!

The last of the old logos and stripes were removed today and the new cameos and wording applied! We still need to add the 4" solid green stripe and we are thinking of adding a 1" solid brown stripe under it (already have the green). We spent a lot of time making sure the camper was very clean and free of any oils before applying the new logos. It was nerve racking because there was a bit of a breeze but once again Mike showed his expertise.

Here it is all clean and naked:

The application:

Close up:
Other side:
Curb side:
Road side:
I am beyond happy with this! Source of the logos is It is a small business in Canada but shipping is very quick. There was a mistake with my first shipment and she corrected it immediately and we had the replacement in just a few days. We'll add more pictures once the stripes are added.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Myrtle Beach, 2011

We took the Aliner on it's first long trip since we've had it and redone it. It did well thanks to new tires (see previous post). We were there a week, this year it was also their Spring break, usually it's not so there were a lot more younger families. We met another couple with a 2000 or 2001 (I can't remember) Aliner. They camped with their two younger children and small dogs, God bless them! Their camper was in great shape except the floor was going soft. They asked us to check it out and there was some discoloration near the door and in one of the baggage areas (the other baggage area had been fixed by the previous owner). We told them about the floor petifier DIY on the AOC site and pointed them toward our blog to see how we dealt with it and so they could see our case was the extreme.
Here is a snapshot of the Aliner set up in the be
autiful green forest of Myrtle Beach State Park.

Winter Updates

Over the winter we took care of a few things on the to do list. We installed 80# shocks under the bed and they make life a lot easier. Maybe we could have gone with 100#, if there is much on the bed it will close but it is nowhere as difficult as it was to lift and keep open. If it is just the bed, cover and linens it stays up just fine and I am quite happy with it. Mike did this work by himself and surprised me with it when I got home, such a sweetie :)
And before we could take a long trip like Myrtle Beach we had
to get new tires. The tires on the Aliner were mismatched, same brand different thread and we have no idea what the history was on them. They work
ed fine for short trips to Otter River but not a 1800+mile round trip. Tire research was all over the place and I found lots of info, most of it contradicting the last. So our theory was P style tires came off it and it road fine, even without matched threads, so P tires went back on it. I found pluses for ST tires and minuses but they seemed like less tire for more money. And if the sake was so they don't dry rot out then whatever, the P tires weren't that much anyway. Since putting these tires on we did take our trip to SC and the camper road just fine once we balanced the tire pressure. Initially one tire was 6psi less
than the other and the camper walked and bounced. After the adjustment it road even and smooth, even through NY city on I95! The r
ims aren't so pretty, but they are true round and happy. We went with the same size that was on it from the previous owner, 180/70 P13. We paid about $100 for two tires, balanced, replacement and road hazard insurance.
And lastly (for this update) is the entertainment center. It consist
s of a add on shelf over the seat near the door. We thought of a fold down which is typical but we decided it was a tight seat already (I cut a couple inches off the original cushion to fit the seat area so the bed would fit). Plus we only need this shelf for a rare movie off the laptop when its raining or someone is sick (this happened to me in Myrtle Beach, blah). The wood is a leftover piece from the partial wall right behind it at the door (the supporting wall for the opposing triangle wall when folded), and it is finished with
left over oak veneer edging. Mike rounded off two of the corners for me. The supports are the wire shelf frames that screw into the wall with a couple shelf arms. The laptop sits on top and the portable Bose sits under it (because the laptop speakers are not enough in the pouring rain!). I store the shelf arms under the seat and the shelf it
self fits under the cushion. I'm happy with it, it's just enough.
Currently we're working on our new logo's, removing the old, see other posts.

Logo Removal Day 2

We picked up heat gun cheap enough and well worth the $24 because it's working out much better, still far from easy or fun but at least a bit quicker. It takes an easy hand and patience. I haven't done the work with the heat gun but watching my husband I can see he working just enough heat to make it pliable and it's a fine line before it just melts. Each color has a different threshold too. The purple color has been the worse. I'm going behind him with Goo B Gone a soft scuff pad and a magic eraser to work off the dirt and left over adhesive. I am having the most success with the goo gone right on the magic eraser, just enough abrasive so to not damage the paint. It kinda creeps me out without a logo, looks weird...

Monday, April 25, 2011


We ordered some new decals from and after a little going back and forth they are here so we started removing the old, not.