Friday, April 29, 2011

Logo Removal Day 3 and New Logos Applied!

The last of the old logos and stripes were removed today and the new cameos and wording applied! We still need to add the 4" solid green stripe and we are thinking of adding a 1" solid brown stripe under it (already have the green). We spent a lot of time making sure the camper was very clean and free of any oils before applying the new logos. It was nerve racking because there was a bit of a breeze but once again Mike showed his expertise.

Here it is all clean and naked:

The application:

Close up:
Other side:
Curb side:
Road side:
I am beyond happy with this! Source of the logos is It is a small business in Canada but shipping is very quick. There was a mistake with my first shipment and she corrected it immediately and we had the replacement in just a few days. We'll add more pictures once the stripes are added.

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