Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update 12 -ish.....

I haven't updated since last Thursday even though we've been hard at work...even while uploaded the pics on my phone I see I need to take even more when I get back because a lot isn't even here. Like the center panel where the heater sits is stained and a door has been cut out and installed over it. A false door has been installed under the stove.....well here is a list of done and to do:

Done (since last update...maybe more than whats listed....idk?):
  • gas lines installed to heater and stove.
  • bed framed in.
  • side end table made (needs countertop).
  • countertops made for stove, sink and right corner.
  • power converter installed.
  • gfi outlet installed.
  • all interior wiring completed.
  • caulked interior perimeter and flooring staples.
  • new faucet installed.
  • cushion recovered (just putting one back in, other side will be a table now).
  • support wall made and ready to install.
  • water heater and tank placed.
  • battery holder installed.
To Do (in the immediate future only, lol):
  • finish wiring (might be done today).
  • install water lines (have all materials).
  • cut bench top down.
  • build countertop for side table.
  • finish bench cushion.
  • finish curtains...have all but the tinted window made, need to finish installing sliding tabs into big green curtains that go over the sink. need to make the ones still for tinted windows, not a rush.
  • get a battery.
  • install small cabinets, countertop over them and build whatever in between them....find a place for the fire extinguisher.
  • replace the broken vent.
  • stain the veneers and other unfinished wood.
  • and plenty more I just can't think of right now.....
Billy goes back to SC today, already. But he helped us get a lot done, especially the electrical. It's been hot and hard to work on things the past few days, but it is getting there and really starting to come together. I'll try to update some newer pics tonight, or later this weekend because the "Update 12" album doesn't really do it justice as it sits right now.

Thanks Billy for the help and have a safe trip home!

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