Monday, June 29, 2009

Plywood, Cabinets and Pulls.

Okay, we had bought two pieces of plywood at Lowes for the subfloor and said we'll come back for more when we need it....mistake #2, mistake #1 was going to Lowes. Yeah they save us $, just like Walmart, but at the end of the day do they really? The wood we bought said it was 19/32nds. We went back and bought two more was thinner, and had 4ply whereas the first set was 5ply. We had cut it, brought it back and got our $ back and checked everything they had and nothing matched, same deal at Home Depot today. So we went to the good ol' Plywood Plus store and jackpot! Found the right thickness and scored some cabinets at an unbelievable 92% off! Was seperately over $1400 for these four pieces that were ordered wrong, we paid $120 to take it away! Nice units too with pull outs inside didn't take a pic of the inside of them yet). Two are base cabinets and two are upper cabinets, but we'll use all 4 as lowers of course. Three are maple, one is oak but you can barely tell the difference because they are the same style. We will have to do some engineering to get these to work with the heater and the fridge, but we always seem to make it work and can not beat the price! Plus I had picked up some cabinet knobs off the clearance rack at Lowes yesterday for a penny each....usually $4.50 each. I bought 13 out of the 20 in the bin knowing I wouldn't need that many but for 13 cents whatever. When we went back to return the crap wood the rest were gone. You can see a few more pics on the side bar in the album called cabinets. Score!

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