Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Lilly Loving Update 7

Yesterday the sun finally came out, at least for part of the day. We went shopping once the thunderstorms rolled in. I cleaned up most of the debris from the old floor, dumping the rotted wood back into the woods. I'll throw the linoleum and underlayment into the trash. We got the other side of the floor done and we need to get a couple more sheets of plywood. We didn't buy them yesterday because of the rain in the afternoon. But we did find a real nice floor at Eddy's Flooring and ended up buying it just because we got a great deal. We also picked up some rubberized spray coating for underneath, some tools to remove the old caulking and some new copper lines and fittings for the gas lines. We looked at some nice fridges at Home Depot too, for $150 we can put in a new one, but it would be electric only so maybe not.

Mike is out now cleaning up the frame for the rest of the flooring. It's grey and damp out, hopefully it won't rain. He has to work tonight too and I need to go through the camp stuff because next weekend is the 4th, already! I added yesterday's pics to the photo album "Update 7" on the right hand side. Little by little we are getting there.

PS. The phrase of the day was "you little lilly lover"....the lillies are starting to bloom and are really pretty. Mike has been helping me keep those damn red lilly beetles off the plants so we can enjoy the blooms.

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