Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day Two

The floor is worse than we thought. And we are having a hard time finding any details of how anyone actually separated the floor from the rest of the unit. We have found a lot of pictures of before and after, but not so many during. We joined the Yahoo group, there is one member who has done several floors according to the postings. I left a message asking for some more details, so hopefully we'll hear from him. In the meantime we are going to take and post as many pictures and details of our process, hopefully it'll help the next guy out.
We also took a ride out to Mann's (in Rutland, not Barre....silly me, it's been a while since I've been out there). We looked at the new ones and some other campers. They had some huge pop ups! New these Aliners are going for around 17k! That's kind of motivating. Mann's had some replacement parts and Mike is going to call back tomorrow when the "Aliner Man" is there....I forgot his name, hopefully Mike didn't.
I am going to probably start posting the slide shows in the side bar to help document the pictures. There are too many to put right into the daily postings or updates.
Mike is going to document the wiring and plumbing so we're not so lost putting it back together. The work week starts tomorrow so not to likely we'll get much done during the week, but I will keep researching as much as possible.

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