Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain Day

It's Thursday and it's pouring out, has been all day. We're tired from trying to work on the Aliner (she needs a name) and everything else we have to do (mind you we have a house, both work full time, 2 kids, 2 cats, a dog and a rat....). But we did go in and check for leaks, and nothing obvious. The corners that everyone warns of look dry as can be. My personal theory, especially after ripping everything out, about leakage and water damage is:
  • it leaks everywhere the weather stripping and caulking is damaged or missing.
  • it leaked at the hot water heater, not sure if it's the unit itself or at the vent (cracked caulking).
  • rain water sprays in to the fridge air vents, there are two, an upper and a lower. When anything goes down the road water sprays upward. I saw a mod where someone added screens to these vents to keep mudwasps out or something....but I don't know, maybe some snap on cover just for traveling in the rain?
  • the weatherstriping at the door looks like it was not put it right from the factory, so it was doomed from the get go.
  • and the obvious 2"hole in the vent did not help, but I think she was already rotten long befoe that happened (probably the December 2008 Ice Storm).

Mike and I are going to go check out Grossmans Outlet, probably this weekend, and see what they have for linoleum, plywood maybe some low cost cabinets (instead of rebuilding our own....or something we can mod out). We are also going to go to Harbor Frieght, they have sand blasters on sale for $20. This place is great for projects! I really, really want to get this solar panel set up....$40!

Everyday I add more links on the sidebar, there is a lot of info out there! Thanks to everyone else that has been there and done this and puts their information and experiences up, it helps a lot!


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