Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Update Three

I'm going to stop calling them days and call them "updates" now. Welcome to update 3. Over the last couple of days Mike and I have worked on things when we can. It's hard during the week, he works nights and I work days. But the kids will be out of school next week and I can start going in early and getting out early.

We got the power converter, the water heater and the refrigerator out. I had worked on the front end of the fridge last night, and he had the sense to go from behind and unbolt it back there, disconnect the gas line and unplug it (not hardwired in). The water heater is pushed out from the inside after everything is disconnected. The power converter is easy enough, just tedious pulling out the wire staples. Pictures are on the right sidebar, labeled Update 3.

Advice is coming in from the Yahoo group too. I learned today why everyone takes the top of the bottom and it makes sense. If you take the floor out it is part of the support system (along with all the cabinets and such) then the walls will come down on themselves. So now we are thinking about doing one section at a time.

Oh and the fridge will not fit through the door. Guess we'll fold in the wall and lift it out. I want to clean everything as much as possible before we reinstall them. I want to reuse as much as possible, not just for money reasons, for not being wasteful reasons too :)

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