Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still Raining

Mike did a bit of work today, just a little on the opposite side. It's still raining. It's suppose to clear up nice by Thursday. In the meantime we've both been surfing the net for supplies, inspiration and knowledge. I drive him nuts when I start looking and/or thinking about decorating because we just have to far to go to be thinking about that kind of stuff, but I'm a woman...end of story. So I found the cutest fabric (lol). It would have to be used as an accent because it could get gaudy quick. It is manufactured by Hoffman Fabric and there are a few sellers on Etsy.

And look at these buttons, whatever I end up doing these will be part of it....so cute. Maybe a solid pillow with these as accents, or even a cushion?
These are on Etsy too, linky...linky. For $3.60. Not bad. I need to take a looksy in my local fabric shops and see what I can find.

I hope all this rain we're having means that 4th of July weekend is going to be sunny and hot. We're going camping from the 3rd-7th. For those of you reading this that do not know us, the tent on the right here is what we camp in now. We had Weathermaster for years and replaced it (insert longer story here) for the new updated one. She has self rolling windows, a great door and a remote LED light built in. The Aliner will not be replacing her either, this tent is awesome and has years of wonderful trips ahead of her. The girls have an L shaped Coleman and love thiers too. We're all looking forward to this trip, as usual!

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