Friday, July 31, 2009

A Few Pictures Added...

I'm adding a few pics that weren't included in the last update. They are in the sidebar, Update 12.1. We picked up a couple fittings today to plum the sink, but it's raining....again, and we're tired. Tomorrow is suppose to be nice, but we need to go out to Hubbardston in the afternoon for my uncles retirement party. I'm sure we'll get something done though. I'm working on sewing up the last edge on the cushion and sewing the slides onto the curtains, rainy day work.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update 12 -ish.....

I haven't updated since last Thursday even though we've been hard at work...even while uploaded the pics on my phone I see I need to take even more when I get back because a lot isn't even here. Like the center panel where the heater sits is stained and a door has been cut out and installed over it. A false door has been installed under the stove.....well here is a list of done and to do:

Done (since last update...maybe more than whats listed....idk?):
  • gas lines installed to heater and stove.
  • bed framed in.
  • side end table made (needs countertop).
  • countertops made for stove, sink and right corner.
  • power converter installed.
  • gfi outlet installed.
  • all interior wiring completed.
  • caulked interior perimeter and flooring staples.
  • new faucet installed.
  • cushion recovered (just putting one back in, other side will be a table now).
  • support wall made and ready to install.
  • water heater and tank placed.
  • battery holder installed.
To Do (in the immediate future only, lol):
  • finish wiring (might be done today).
  • install water lines (have all materials).
  • cut bench top down.
  • build countertop for side table.
  • finish bench cushion.
  • finish curtains...have all but the tinted window made, need to finish installing sliding tabs into big green curtains that go over the sink. need to make the ones still for tinted windows, not a rush.
  • get a battery.
  • install small cabinets, countertop over them and build whatever in between them....find a place for the fire extinguisher.
  • replace the broken vent.
  • stain the veneers and other unfinished wood.
  • and plenty more I just can't think of right now.....
Billy goes back to SC today, already. But he helped us get a lot done, especially the electrical. It's been hot and hard to work on things the past few days, but it is getting there and really starting to come together. I'll try to update some newer pics tonight, or later this weekend because the "Update 12" album doesn't really do it justice as it sits right now.

Thanks Billy for the help and have a safe trip home!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heater Install

In order to have enough clearance for the sink and drain we lowered the heater. So it is in the same place, just lowered. Mike and Billy moved the exhaust/intake and sealed up the old outlet. Mike made a panel out of the black birch tree that came down in the microburst of '07. I'll stain it later. They also picked up a nice laminated panel for the partial wall to the left of the doorway that supports the folded down upper wall. I didn't take a pic of that tonight, but it will be in a future update. It's raining again so that's about it for now. I did sew the curtains up for the door and the big window opposite that. I am in the process of sewing on the track clips here and there.
I'll just post the heater install pictures here rather than the sidebar...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rain on the Way.

Lots of rain in the forecast for the next week. Kenzie's 10th birthday is on Friday and we are having a get together on Saturday.....hopefully the weather will hold out for that stuff at least. We closed up shop this afternoon, reinstalled the passenger side front storage door and put pretty much every thing away for now. Billy is here until the 30th and then we are off to camp on the 6th. We got a lot done this weekend, but I wonder how much more we'll get done in the next few weeks. I'll work on the curtains at night....not tonight though, so tired. I'm also trying to keep up with some detail work, like cleaning up the old faucet for reuse. Problem is though that I left it in the counter top out in the rain which swelled and now I can not get it out, grrrr. I'll get it out though, don't feel like spending much more on this project. Anything else really that I "want" to replace will be waiting till Summers future. I'm also going to clean up the old fridge and post it up on Criagslist. If anyone is looking for a Dometic LP/Electric....not sure of the model cuz I do not wanna get up right now....fridge, let me know.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Update 10

We got a lot done this weekend!
  • The two larger cabinets are installed with wiring and battery vent plumbed.
  • End panels installed (which included a lot of clean up and old staple removal!).
  • Rock guard and tow tongue stripped, primed and painted.
  • Old fridge vents closed.
  • Several outside openings cleaned up and re-caulked.
  • Curtains made for the three triangle windows and the big "passenger side" window.
I spent several hours Friday night engineering and working on curtains. I don't sew, but I had fixed my mother in laws old sewing machine with this project in mind. I've been looking at fabrics and pricing them out, most more than I wanted to spend. So I picked up a couple sets of sheets on sale at Target, one set a quirky nature theme, the other solid green and I'll use a brown set from the house (top sheet only.....we never use top sheets anyway).

Saturday Mike and I worked earlier in the day on the end panels. There were a ton of staples to remove, but overall it went pretty smooth. Later in the day after Billy came home we worked on the front tongue, the rock guard and planning the electrical system. We also closed up the fridge vents, removed the fan and resealed a lot of the outside openings.

Sunday, today, we installed the two larger cabinets. We had to remove the toe kicks. The smaller ones are uppers so did not have them and fit. Mike used a straight edge and the router to trim them down. They build cleats and made cut outs for the battery vent, electrical and just a bit into the wheel well to make sure the heater will be centered over it's vent/intake. I also cleaned up a lot of the old cabinets and debris. I'm burning all the old wood, the rotted flooring went into the woods and recycling the old plastic and metal we removed.

You can see more pics under "Update 10" on the right hand side bar.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update 9....The Floor is in!

The floor is in! And I love it. It just needs a edge of caulking (poly) around the walls. Then I was motivated to clean the walls and start working on replacing the exterior caulking and rusty screws. Billy removed the rock panel (maybe there is another name for it....?) and we got some paint made for plastic to freshen it up a bit. I'd love to put diamond plate stainless steel there, but we just don't have the money for it. Maybe down the road. Mike and Billy picked up some plastic rivets to put the rock plate back in. And we got some screws with anchors to replace the ones that really aren't catching anything. Partially why the drivers side tail light caulking cracked, because two of the upper right screws were just there. We'll also squirt some poly caulking into the screw holes too. We picked up some panels for the end walls, 10% off at Lowes because some of the edges are a bit tattered, which is not going to effect the project anyway. Tomorrow Mike and Billy will cut and install the end wall panels and probably start putting in the cabinets. I will work on replacing caulking and cleaning things up. It's really starting to come together now that the floor is laid. There are more pictures on the sidebar in the Album called Update 9.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quick Update

Just a quickie.....Mike and his brother Billy got home Sunday morning a bit after 9am :)
Yesterday Mike lay the last two pieces of flooring. It looks good. I'm hoping today to clean up any liquid nails sticking up and level off any high spots. We'll seal up the bolt heads with caulking too. I took down the curtains and measured them. I think I will need 7-8 yards of fabric. I looked a bit online, but it's one of those things that you have to shop for in person. The new curtains will probably be green too, but more updated and probably a touch of something quirky....can't help it ;) I need to find a deal on the fabric though, so time to start looking. I'm wondering if the 40% off one item at Joann's Fabrics means 1 yard or one piece of whatever yards? I also plan on working on the exterior caulking and cleaning the upper walls this week/weekend too. I wish I had been more motivated while he was away to start that already....but just wasn't the same project without being together. No photo album on the side bar for this update, just a couple shots of the floor and of the walls.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On Hold for Now

Well it stopped raining long enough for us to go camping. We were suppose to go out Thursday, but it poured so we went out Friday morning. We stayed for an extra day until Tuesday and it was great. But we came home to some bad news and we are going to have to hold off on any work for at least a few more days for now.

While we were at camp I looked at sites that I have looked at most of my life in a different light. There are a few sites I now call "good Aliner sites" that I would have never concidered with all our tent gear. I am pretty sure Otter River will be our madian voyage as the history of the park and our love of the park makes it the perfect place. Plus she's been there in her former life ;-)

We should pick up were we left off next week.
(PS. The picture is of Beaman Pond at Otter River State Park.)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

WTF Rain!?!!1!

It's still raining, something like 40 days and 40 nights now....maybe we should be building an arc. Either way, the rain is testing our patience, big time. Mike added some support to the frame and was able to lay the center piece of flooring. Yep, we put down CDX not marine grade, sorry to disappoint. If you are reading this because you are researching your Aliner floor rebuild, lay marine grade, okay? I am sure we'll make it seeing we are not laying chip board though. We are leaving for camp tomorrow and honestly, I need a brake. Hubby has been the one doing the work the last upate or two, but honestly without getting into it.....I am all set right now. Be it the endless rain or just the fustration that comes with a project like this or now. Some day Aliner of mine you will be so comfy and cute, right now.....I want to burn you, just to make a dry spot in my driveway. We're going to see a movie tonight, tomorrow we go to camp. It will be nice to have a break.
PS. the lillies are so pretty! See the yellow one in update #8 album on the right hand bar.