Wednesday, January 20, 2010

58 Days Until Spring...

Okay, motivation is starting to creep in. Days are getting longer, we booked our April camping vacation for a week in Myrtle Beach State Park (did this last Spring, Oh My God what an inspiration this beautiful green state is to a gray snowed in New Englander!), we've booked Memorial Day weekend at wonder Otter River State Park here at home and I am starting to see "things that would be great for the camper" in the, colorful, happy, outdoor-like type goodies. For instance at Target last night I found some plastic ware that was very cheap and matched my colorful taste. I picked up a set of 4 orange tumblers, 4 green cereal bowls and a couple teal flat bowls. Red plates would've been the icing on my cake, but oh well...I've got time to find what I am looking for and what I am willing to pay for. My loot cost me $4.50. Good enough, and motivating :)
There was a thread going on about colored screw covers and where to buy them online on the Aliner list, but as good Ol' Dave pointed out, just paint what you have...duh, of course....why start splurging now? After all I did paint my screw heads white for a very small fraction of what the pre painted ones cost.
I still have some curtains to finish sewing. I need to finish the other half of the green large straight panel that goes behind the sink and stuff. And I need to make the ones that go over the bubbles on either end. Those will be brown and I will do the bed end first, but honestly the bubbles are tinted and no one can see in the small ones and only in the back one if they tried real hard or it was open.
I am "trying" to sell the fridge. I started on the list, but only a couple people showed interest. One guy that was close enough but he has a different with the stove over the fridge, and another guy from FLA, who asked me how much I thought it would cost to UPS it to him. Seriously? This thing is heavy, maybe 70-80lbs? I didn't look it up, I don't think it would be worth it. Well it can be used in whatever RV or camper that has gas and 12v, so I'll put it on Craigslist once I feel like I am in the mood to deal with a ton of silly questions. Maybe eBay, local pick up only? Is it worth the trouble? I don't know if it is, but the space gained back in my basement will be. I've been working on trying to organize the basement and have been decluttering a lot. Not the camping gear, lol...but the fridge can go, we'll never use it and honestly I see no point in holding on to it just in case we ever sell the Aliner and someone wants the fridge too. But I guess these things can get pretty pricey because they are 3-way...gas, AC and DC. I just want it to go somewhere and get used rather than waste away. Besides with the great deal we got, lol, we need to pass on the savings.
Mike jokes about selling it once we are done, at least I think he is joking! With any joke it's only funny because it's at least somewhat true, ha! I don't want to at all. We've already put so much of ourselves into it and we know the old owners it just seems to part of the family in a way. Sounds silly I guess. But whatever, it's like how guys rebuild cars they become attached to the machine. I can relate.
She sits in the driveway now, up and covered in year I will wax it or something to keep the snow from sticking so well. There are two more small cabinets waiting in the basement to be installed. A partial sheet of formica sits against the wall in my bedroom (lol) for the counter top that will go across the tops of the smaller cabinets. Part of the platform for the bed (which will be an air mattress I got for a bargain on Cyber Monday) also sits in my room, against my dresser. Funny thing is I don't even see these things when I am in there, that is bad. The bed frame is pretty much framed out...I think....needs some stain work as does the rest of the framing around the wheel wells. The drain for the sink needs to be installed. The gas lines need to be leak checked and finished off. I want to get some scratch remover for plastic and buff out the bubbles. And I would love to get some of that stamped sheet metal to replace the rock guard, maybe a bit of the tax return could go there....maybe, not really a big deal. I have knobs to install on the doors and drawers, got them at Lowes on clearance for a penny each...and they are actually pretty. I need to get those little lock things though so they don't all fly open while we are traveling. A lot of little things. I should start on the curtains though. I can do that in my nice warm house. Right now it is 30F and there is 6 inches of snow on the ground.....but there is only 58 days left until the first day of Spring! And only another 30 days after that until our first trip of the season!!!

(PS. Just got back from a nice long weekend in Myrtle Beach and we hit the Coleman Outlet, the entire store was 40% off! So we got what was on our wish list...the 4 light in 1 LED lantern, which the regular price was $10 cheaper than up North to begin with and we also got a propane oven. The oven looks like a toaster oven on steroids. Our usual oven is one of those collapsible ones. The one we got is listed for $129 online! We paid $55! Plus got the case for it for another $12. )

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