Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just an Update on the First Day of Fall

We've been busy and haven't done much to the Aliner. We cleaned up the work site and pushed her back into the driveway a bit and have done some other little odds and ends things, but nothing much. We need to test the gas lines for leaks and finish plumbing the sink in. Put the other two small cabinets in and build out around them, plus finish the counter tops, which sounds like a lot more work then it is....at least I think so. I need to finish the curtains. And we need to seal up underneath and check any where we plumbed a gas line in for a good seal. The front rock guard looks like crap and the seal has cracked already. Mostly because it was warped and cracked to begin with and we just tried to make do with what we had. I'm going to seal it up the best I can for the winter and then hopefully in the Spring when we get our tax return I am going to try to get some diamond plate for it. I've seen it on other units, and I think it might come from the factory on newer units and it just looks so much more sturdier than a piece of plastic. Right now though my biggest goal is getting secure for the winter. We need to move it anyway because the plow is behind it, but I like where it's sitting now because it's protected by the fence and the houses from the NE wind.
Mike had some hand surgery on two trigger finger on his left hand and some follow up surgery on his right hand so that has had a big impact on anything getting done, but honestly I think we were kind of burnt out and probably were not going to get much more done this year anyway. We still have several a couple months till the snow really starts to fly. Maybe we will get the most of it done before then, but no need to rush. No more camping this year! We thought about trying to get it ready for Columbus Day, but we know ourselves better than that. Mike took the Jeep up to Maine to visit a friend and found us a new campground that we'll probably go camping to next August. He camped in the Jeep, took a blow up twin bed and a bundle of wood. It proves we can still be minimalist, lol.
Updates will probably be far and few until the Spring. Hope everyone has a good Winter!

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