Friday, June 17, 2011

Tiny House Blog Likes Us

Yesterday we were featured on the Tiny House Blog. Although the Aliner is not really a tiny house it's related :) I read the blog a lot, daily usually. The Aliner is as close to living in a tiny house as we get. With two kids, two dogs, 2.5 cats (the half cat adopted us when the neighbors up the street left their foreclosed home and him behind) plus the two of us. Someday a simpler life will be the way, but for now the chaos is awesome. But the Tiny House Blog generates a lot of creative ideas, methods and choices for not only a simpler life a better one. Most of us only need or use a fraction of what we have, it is the American thing to do after all. And honestly the more we pair down or the more we camp in our small, simple, contained unit the more content I am. Don't get me wrong I make sure I have what I want but think about how much easier less is in the long run. The KISS method is making it into my top 5 a lot more often than it used to. And one of our goals this year has been to purge and re-access what we really need in our space(s). Here is the link to the write up on the Tiny House Blog but take some time to look around at the rest of this blog and become inspired by the less is more frame of mind.


  1. We run all kinds of stuff at our off grid cabin with a single 80 watt panel and a 110 ah gel battery. I recently upgraded the power inverter to a 2500 watt unit that can run my miter saw...much better than firing up the genny.

    All of our lighting is 12 Volt LED...with every light on in the entire cabin draw is less than 40 watts.

    Here is a post on the lights I modified

  2. Thanks for sharing, that is great! It's amazing how much less draw the LEDs have. I think eventually everything we use as a light source will be LED. Which will be great because that should help lower that initial cost of the bulbs or fixtures.