Monday, June 20, 2011

Drawer Stop

 This mod was done a couple months ago and I kept forgetting to post an update and I'm not sure why because this is a pretty valuable one, especially for those who don't like picking up the contents of a spilled drawer or having damaged stuff from a flying drawer.  Before this mod we would try to remember to take the drawer out and put it on the floor before traveling, we have forgotten more than once.  We'd also try to pack up around it so it didn't have the opportunity to fall out, that didn't always work well

either.  So after replacing the locks on the access panels (lost keys) we looked to see if there were similar "locks" but as a thumb turn rather than a key lock.  A key lock would've done the trick too, but I didn't want to have to worry about losing the key to something else again.  We found such a thing at Lowes.  
Mike notched out enough room for the stop to turn and hit the back of the cabinet.  It's perfect.  I know that most do not have household oak cabinets in their campers so if you're doing this to your camper you either may not have to notch out anything or you may have to add some thickness or something for it to catch on and where it catches may need to be reinforced on a thinner camper cabinet.  This, along with the bed lift is on my list of favorite add ons.  

Looking Top Down

From Inside, notched out.  Catches on the cabinet facing.

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