Monday, May 9, 2011

Solar Panel

Here is the solar panel that I picked up on Amazon. I don't know exactly how much we're getting out of it but checking it with a digital volt meter it is recovering fast in the full sun in my driveway. When I checked it with the analog gauge mounted in the camper it was under 12v. By the time I went in and got the digital meter it was over 12v, 12.30 to be exact. It steadily increased about 0.01v every few seconds. We let it get up around 12.5v then ran the pump for a few seconds and it dropped back down to 12.3 but was back up quickly.
Mike put a two prong male female quick disconnect so we can take it off for travel.
I'm happy with the purchase. I'll give more details after a camping trip. Unfortunately we camp in the shaded woods so it won't pull as much power.

  • Power (Pmax) : 30W
  • Maximum power voltage ( Vpm ) : 17.5V ;Maximum Power Current: 1.68A
  • Cable lengths : 12.5'
  • Open circuit voltage ( Voc ) : 21.95V
  • Charge controller prevents overcharging of 12-volt batteries


  1. Just found out our Solar panel AMP meter will only read 9 AMPs. Bummer. However the eBay seller (giorgio11185) said they would take it back and send a 50 AMP version. How cool is that!solar PV installation Bristol

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