Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Trip!

I'm not there yet :( but Mike is! And she looks right at home. Tomorrow at this time I'll be on my way, can not wait!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Systematic Website Documenting Our Work

Blogger is a great journal, but when you are looking for data and facts it can be a bit difficult to find your way around a blog. So I am in the process of putting things together in a more systematic way over here on a google site page. It's cleaner and various pages can be made. I plan on doing one page for the floor, one for cabinets, bungee replacement, curtains and so on. Of course I started with a background page and the flooring. Navigate through the sitemap and it should be much easier to find information, and less opinion and thinking out loud there.
There must be a way to make the site map itself show up in the sidebar, but for now you have to click on it. Hope this makes it easier for people looking for information.

Bed Lift Idea

I want to add this to "the list":

This is a Chalet, I think stock too. Right now we have the original boards from when the Aliner had a dinette where the permanent bed is now. It folds up okay, kinda hangs up a bit on the right side hinge. This looks a lot easier to deal with. I have two small shocks already. I doubt we'll need more than two as we are using an air mattress (that will be deflated for travel). Maybe next year?

5/27....I just found this bed lift option in a 2009 High Side Aliner on Danny's Campers website....I wish I lived closer to this place. I don't know if I like this yet, looks like it would be harder to get into the side compartments. I think I like the Chalet design better.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gearing Up for the Aliner's "Maidain" Voyage

Here's my list from a few weeks ago....

  • seal up any holes around gaslines.
  • coat bottom.
  • install one regular outlet.
  • install 12v plug.
  • replace upper foam weatherstripping.
  • fix any left over outside caulking.
  • replace broken vent (purchased already).
  • finish curtains.
  • install new curtain rods.
  • install cabinet door clasps.
  • install cabinet handles.
  • finish bed panel.
  • sell fridge (dometic rm 2310....$250 if you're looking).
  • celebrate and go camping!
I can deal with that! The left over caulking is very minor, probably over doing it when we get to it will do. Curtain rods, maybe today....probably tomorrow. And the door clasp can wait too. It's just one and I am packing clothes in that cabinet. The fridge is still available. I've had a couple people ask about it, no one follows through. Not really a biggie on my list anyway, someone will take it when they need it. Celebrate and go camping :) that's this weekend! Mike heads out Thursday with Deogee, we head out Friday. I hope Taylor will be okay about missing drivers ed Friday....I bet a lot will be out anyway. I can not wait to go camping, period, Aliner or not. But this trip will be special! I am "repacking" for the Aliner. I'd like to able to load her up and leave it, but some of tenting gear is going to have to be shared, plus the girls will be tenting. Some things will stay just for the Aliner....I do need to stop picking things up here and there though. Even I am getting tired of hearing myself say "this will look cute in the Aliner", lol.
Add to my list...take some finished pics!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Seems to be just about finished....not that these things ever are, but she's road worthy and camping worthy, so in my book that is finished. Mike undercoated the bottom the other weekend, and I've finished sewing the curtains. Two sets of curtains need to be installed, but that won't take more than 15 minutes. Mike also needs to add some screws to the outside lower edge that we had taken out when we were first trying to figure out how we were going to do the floor. There is one edge that needs weather stripping too. Okay, maybe it's not done, done....technically, lol. Yeah, like it's ever going to be?! It's little stuff. Either way I will try to take some pictures later today or more likely after I get the rest of the curtains in.
In two weeks we are taking to our home away from home, Otter River State Forest. It's going to be so nice to use it and enjoy all this hard work. It will be nice to be up off the ground (although I still plan on my fair share of tenting) and it will be nice to have the option of heat if it dips down below 40F at night. And it will be awesome if Alan and Sue make it out to camp too. I don't think they are camping, but I did shot them an email asking them to come out if they can.
Pictures later, promise.