Wednesday, March 7, 2012

For Sale!!!

Well it's official we bought a new travel trailer (a Keystone Bullet) and we are selling the Aliner.  I'm pretty torn about it too.  I love this little camper, a lot.  I've been fighting with myself about selling it too.  I could store it at my dad's house or even leave it in the neighbors yard but in all honesty where is that getting my poor little camper or us?  I don't want to see all that hard work rot away, again.  So we have to sell it and get it a new home, there is someone out there that will love her as much as I do, I hope.  I started cleaning it out last weekend and it was hard.  I haven't finished yet either but it's like pulling a tooth, gotta get it done.  So I posted it on the Yahoo relevant pages and now here.  I guess I'll post it to Craigslist if I have too but I'll wait until I get the rest of it cleaned out. We're asking $4800. You can see from the blog here all the work that has been done and that it's all of good quality.   Here is a rundown, I'm sure I forgot something!  Please email me at happyhooking at gmail dot com or leave a message here if have any questions at all!  

  • New Floor, sealed with ABS undercoating.
  • Custom cabinets with a lot more storage than stock, solid oak and maple with slide outs for easy access.
  • New custom curtains, counter tops (highest height) and care free linoleum flooring.
  • New full size bed (not the smaller camper size), with air shock lifts to even more storage underneath.
  • Flush door handle system (upgraded from knob).
  • All new wiring, gas lines and PEX water lines. 
  • Brand new custom detail logos, unique and professional.
  • New caulking and seals all around.
  • Twelve gallon fresh water tank, 6 gallon hot water tank.  New faucet.
  • New Marine grade dry cell 12 volt battery, volt meter, GFI outlets, 12volt outlet.
  • New Tires. 
  • Reinforced rear frame.
  • Unique hard to find window design, maximum windows for open feeling, huge rear window over bed that opens!  Three upper vents and two front bubbles. 
  • Three burner stove
  • 16k BTU Heater with electronic ignition
  • 3-way Dometic Refrigerator (removed for storage but included in sale, used only a few seasons)
  • Two LP Tanks, fire extinguisher, CO2 alarm, removable window shelf, removable laptop shelf, plus more!
  • Weighs ~1800#, which keeps it super easy to tow and very low cost to register ($25 in MA) and insure.  Clear VIN, no title.  (title not needed in MA to register, if you need a title in your state the title search fee will be deducted from the price.  If purchasing from MA will include transfer of plates).
  • Takes  30 seconds to set up!  Store chairs, canopies etc under bed.  Always ready to go!  
  • Delivery possible to MA, NH, VT, CT, ME, MD, NY, NJ, PA, DE, WV, VA (NC, SC only if expected delivery between April 13-19 as we will be visiting the area this week).
  • Upper roof panels are original and have some interior cosmetic damage due to previous owner storing the unit closed with a damaged vent.  Vents are all new.  Bungee cords need to be replaced.  This can be done prior to sale if needed. . 


  1. Mike,

    I'm interested in your aline.

    I have a small vehicle so wieght is a concern.

    Can you tell me the approx. dry wieght of your aliner?

    Thanks for the informative photo's.


  2. Sorry Ed, I missed your post. The camper was sold this weekend.

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