Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

And we've dusted off the Aliner and are back to it. We pulled it out into the front yard and leveled it out for the final cabinet install, plus we are getting the driveway paved once things dry out a bit in the next couple weeks. I'm trying not to think of the grass I am killing, lol.
All in all she held up well over the winter, no signs of leaks at all. I'm glad I listened to the voices of experience on the Yahoo list and left it up all season. Although we almost forgot how to close it up. We did manage to close it and Mike went took off the broken bubble and picked one up at Mann's. I managed to break another one cleaning it, but it was already on it's way out, so we will need to grab another one.
I lost all my curtain tabs I so painfully removed from my old curtains. And the green curtains I cheaply made from sheets faded and look like something bad. The print ones on the triangle windows held up just fine, I just need to fix the tie backs but I knew that last year. I replaced my old tired sewing machine with a new Brother that I snagged at Target for 50% off and it works so much better. Mackenzie is learning how to sew too. So I picked up some actual fabric at Joanne's, a fraction of what I thought it would cost. A nice green, with a touch of teal and orange that may just end up as pillows. I pulled the colors from the print curtains that survived. But seeing I lost all my tabs, and I refuse to pay $10 a window for the curtain tape.....comes out to almost $70 with the door window too, so don't think I'm that cheap.....I needed another method (affordable) to hang the curtains. Mike came up with the idea to hang them and take care of hiding the unsightly holes from the old tracks. We got 1/2" wooden dowels from Lowes and white plastic dowel holders (I'm sure they are called something else, but they are perfect). We spray painted the dowels white. I am going to remove the old tracks, put a bit of caulking in the holes and then install the dowels so they lay over those holes. Mike is going to put wall anchor screws in so the screws can be removed more than once so the curtains can be washed or changed out without messing up the walls.
Mike put the last two cabinets in. The outside storage door will only be accessed from outside, which is what we want because we plan to store the jacks, chocks, and other outdoor needs in there. I need to add pictures later too because the counter top is made now also. We are going to put a stool in the open area where the cabinets meet. We were going to put shelving there, but agree a stool would be nice. He'll make a velcro strapping for it so it is secure during travel. He is also finishing off the side table, it is framed in and he will be putting a false bottom in for storage so the power converter is protected from being hit with stuff. The counter top is made for that too. And he put the fire extinguisher holder in under the seat on the door side. Perfect place for it.
Clearly Mike is motivated. I'm working on it, and should be the one hitting the floor running, but as long as one of us is moving we're both good. It is really coming together now, looks great. We went to the "RV" show in Worcester, which becomes more and more of a joke every year. Not sure why they wanna push the big rigs all the time. Popups and light trailers are priced a lot higher when you compare $/foot. Plus more and more people are driving lighter duty vehicles and are they really looking for these monsters? Maybe they know something I don't, but there were very few light trailers, all over priced, one popup and no Aliners. We're probably not going next year, plus it was free this year (coupon). It's nice to get ideas from other trailers, but they are really cheaply made with high stickers on them. Oh well.
The pictures from this update on on the right bar under the title "Update 13, 2010" (or here). I will add some more with the counter tops in later. Right now 4" of rain is predicted for the day, so maybe tomorrow.

(Notes: Going to paint the dark stain where the heater is and where the power converter is. I stained around the heater trying to match the end walls, and now I see it is way to dark and rather than trying to lighten it up and cause damage to anything I am just going to paint it. Picked up one of those little sample paints for $3 last night at to come.)

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  1. You guys did a great job on the ALiner. We are considering buying an older one that needs work ourselves and we will likely reference you web pages during the restoration process required. Bill and Nancy in North Florida