Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th, 2011, ORSF #50

We spent the long 4th of July weekend at Otter River State Forest (our favorite) on site 50.  We never stayed on this site before, at least not in our adult camping lives.  It was really nice and a big site.  The bit of rain we had wasn't too bad and nothing really was in the path of water.  The solar panel got enough sun to keep the battery close enough to full.  One empty tank of propane and I'll need to restock things after this trip.....writing this here as a bit of a reminder, things like forks and paper towels and so on.  Mike went out early and is staying one extra night so we packed up a few things and I brought them home as I have to work tomorrow :(  Mike picked up a new dutch oven and made homemade baked beans, yummmm!  Bad luck fishing was still better than sitting at home or work, as always.  A fairly ordinary trip but still wanted to mention it :)  We'll go again in a couple weekends, but no set plans today.  Next planned trip will be the Rainbow Girls trip next month.  We're second guessing a host trip this year because another family is coming in when we wanted to do it, but that's our own fault for procrastinating on final paperwork and plans.  Until the next trip, happy camping!
PS.  My little homemade light below is too dim, although it is cute as hell.  I'm thinking of wiring up my own LED with a bulb from Radio Shack.  Stay tuned for V.1.1!