Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Camp Inventory List 2010

This is really not Aliner related, but it is camping related....our list for 2010 (tenting it).

Monday, April 12, 2010


The original bungees weren't broken....yet, lol. Mike and Billy replaced them with some bungees they bought at Harbor Freight. I think I will ask him to write up the details. But they look great and the top opens nice and smooth. Not to fast, not to slow. The originals were glued in and caulked in with all different materials and where pretty sloppy.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Aliner Icon

I just wanna see if this works....

Isn't that cute :)
Found it here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cabinet Update

I added the pictures to update 14, sorry they are dark I took them at night. Mike added the latches to keep the cabinets and drawers shut as well as the penny knobs that I picked up last year in the clearance pile at Lowes :) We took a trip to Harbor Freight last night and I picked up some great little LED lights that are magnet activated. So when you open the doors (release the magnet) the light comes on inside the cabinet. It is the little things, because I am tickled pink over this, lol. They were $2.50 each and I picked up 4. I also had a tap LED that I will put in the double cabinet. The magnetic ones would be hard to install in the double because the door opens from the middle of it and there just isn't anywhere to attach the light so it will be near the magnetic plate.
We are very motivated right now to finish things up. I have a few more curtains to make, but the doorway and the bubble windows are done now...just need to install the new rods. The big window over the sink curtains are pinned and ready to be sewn. Maybe today?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Update 14, 2010

The gas and water lines have been tested and are working! The water heater is working, although it's not shutting down once the water is hot enough. We shut it off after the water got hot and we checked the temp, it was over 140F. So we need to look into that. But otherwise, after all of Mike's hard work, it is together! It is so wonderful :)
Kenzie and Deogee slept in it last night in the front yard. The full size blow up mattress fits good and there is more room than I thought....maybe a queen will fit. I'll try it down the road.
Here is the to do list now:
  • seal up any holes around gaslines.
  • coat bottom.
  • install one regular outlet.
  • install 12v plug.
  • replace upper foam weatherstripping.
  • fix any left over outside caulking.
  • replace broken vent (purchased already).

  • finish curtains.
  • install new curtain rods.
  • install cabinet door clasps.
  • install cabinet handles.
  • finish bed panel.
  • sell fridge (dometic rm 2310....$250 if you're looking).
  • celebrate and go camping!
Maybe I missed something, probably....but this list is soooo much smaller than it was!
Check out the latest pictures in Update 14, 2010 on the right.